3D perception designs and supplies turnkey seamless visual display systems and technologies for simulation  applications. 3D perception’s Northstar™ ecosystem of multi-projector display technologies empowers our customers and their programs with precision automatic image alignment, automatic color calibration, and the ease of push-button operation and maintenance.

Serving civilian and defense customers around the world since 1997, 3D perception has a proven track record of ensuring performance and quality from design to installation and throughout the life cycle. With main offices in the United States and in Norway, we work with major defense and high-tech prime contractors as well as with aerospace industry customers and users around the world. With over 10,000 visual channels fielded, 3D perception is the world’s preeminent supplier of immersive, curved screen, projected simulator visual display systems.

3D perception’s advanced Northstar™ visual display solution combines a rack-mount multi-projector display processor, nBox™, with autocalibration technologies via either Aurora™ sensor instrumented screens or StarScan™ 3D auto-alignment scanner. Northstar is a proven solution that allows 3DP to deliver programs in spec, on schedule, and on budget.