MegaWall™ Display Processor

Configurable high-performance image processor with windows controller

The MegaWall Series marks a new approach to system architecture. Designed for flexibility, ease of use and reliability, this real-time hardware image processor and controller
offers a unique set of features never before available in a single unit.
Fully configurable and capable of processing resolutions all the way up to WQXGA (2560 x 1600).

The MegaWall Series offers full configuration of the DVI-I outputs, DVI-I inputs and composite video inputs with different resolution alternatives.
And it includes CanvasControlTM, an intuitive and powerful graphic user interface (GUI) with efficient and user-friendly features, allowing output windows to be arranged across a visual display in any manner. Users can load layout presets, create their own, or freely place windows in real time.


PDF: MegaWall 1000 series

PDF: MegaWall 3000 series


    • Real-time hardware
    • Powered by 3DP’s patented Digital Geometry Processor
    • 42 bit color processing (14 bit pr channel)
    • Fully configurable
    • Overlap generator
    • Advanced image warping and blending for curved screens
    • Hot-swappable power supplies & I/O boards
    • Advanced scaling
    • Hotspot compensation
    • Black level enhancement
    • Intuitive GUI including:
      • Interactive positioning of windows
      • Crop and zoom
      • Up to 250 presets
      • Drag and drop functionality