3D perception provides support before, during and after the sale. With every contract, we build in a standard maintenance and support period of one year. After that, we offer continuing support packages allowing users to guarantee uptime and control costs. Every customer also gets access to our Customer Support portal.

Design and Integration

For over a decade, 3D perception has provided theater solution design and integration services to simulation, visualization, control center, and entertainment venue customers. Our services can be engaged at any point in the design process, from participating in the initial planning stages, to retrofitting existing facilities. Blending experience, technical knowledge and our passion for providing engaging, immersive, and meaningful experiences, 3D perception is well positioned to contribute innovative concepts and proven methods to your project.

We work with architects and engineers to ensure your space is designed for maximum impact, and can work with existing equipment as well as provide our integrated projection, display, and control solutions.

DesignMaintenance & Support

3D perception offers a variety of maintenance and support services, both directly to end users and through our network of Certified Partners. We deliver solutions with a standard maintenance and support contract period of one year, which can be extended annually. The support contract includes both remote technical support, and as needed, on-site field service. All customers receive access to our Customer Portal, which allows them to submit service requests and trouble tickets.

Remote Technical Support
Often we can work remotely with our customers in assisting them to maintain their hardware. For example, if a projector lamp expires, customers can request a new lamp via the Customer Portal, and we will ship out a new one, offering telephone guidance for installation as needed. We can also remotely log-in to customer’s computers to troubleshoot, upgrade, or adjust the software aspects of 3D perception solutions.

Field Service
When we cannot address customer support needs remotely, field service is offered, and through our network of field support depots and Certified Partners, we can service customer needs around the world.

Product Training
From time to time, we offer product training sessions in both our Asker, Norway and Orlando, Florida offices. See the News & Events page for announcements and schedules. We will also schedule training engagements at specific customer locations. Please contact us if you are interested in personalized, in-house training.

Replacement Parts
Our support network includes several parts distribution centers and field support depots around the world, and offers OEM replacement parts and flexible delivery options.

We offer a range of retrofits, enhancements, and upgrades that can improve legacy system performance, whether the original system was provided by 3D perception or otherwise. Contact us for a consult on your specific issue.