3D perception hosting launch event for Barco’s new F400-HR projector

Announcing an exclusive demonstration and technical deep-dive with Barco, 3D perception, and FlightSafety product experts to learn about the capabilities and advantages of Barco’s new native 4K resolution F400-HR projector.

The F400-HR will be demonstrated in a highly realistic and immersive training environment powered by 3D perception’s Northstar simulation display solution, and featuring content provided by FlightSafety’s VITAL 1150 Image Generator.

3D perception will demonstrate WarpSync Direct which systemically aligns and manages the warp and blend capabilities of an array projectors without the use of cameras. Also on demonstration will be 3D perception’s Eclipse dynamic optical blending solution for seamless, automated image optimization for all scene conditions; dawn, day, dusk, night and NVG.

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