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As a solutions and services provider, 3D perception offers a range of turn-key, preconfigured Northstar™ simulation display systems. This constellation of domain-optimized, Image Generator independent systems have proven ideal for fitting the needs of 3DP’s diverse base of customers and end-users and have become recognized and trusted industry brand-names.

Atlas™, Draco™, Lyra™, Cetus™, Gemini™, Phoenix™, and Orion™ systems are available with a range of projector models, and are adaptable to accommodate differing program requirements, facility constraints, cabins, and other obstacles. For more information including pricing, please contact us.


– Proven and mature Northstar platform

– Precision auto-calibration

– Works with any Image Generator

– Available for fast delivery

– Variants include projector type, resolution, and field of view



Fast Jet Mini-Dome Simulator Displays

Draco systems are innovative, high-fidelity, reconfigurable fast jet simulator dome displays in a small form factor designed for rapid delivery and installation. Featuring 3D perception’s trademark seamless image, this line of automatically aligning, enhanced immersion systems can be installed in standard office or classroom spaces.



Maritime Simulator Displays

3D perception has a long history of delivering simulator visual display systems for maritime applications. 3D perception’s Cetus™ maritime oriented systems are seamless front-projected, high-resolution, wide field of view cylindrical, conical, or spherical displays, optimized for the unique challenges of destroyer ships, aircraft carriers, fast attack craft and others. Cetus systems have been delivered to nearly 20 sites and customers since 3D perception’s inception in 1997. Cetus systems are available off the shelf or customized to the needs of the program – all sharing the commonality of the 3D perception Northstar technology and design and implementation principles.



Fixed-Wing Simulator Dome Displays

Atlas™ Fixed-Wing Displays are optimized for the field of view, speed and engagement necessary in flight training. With low smear, and large fields of view up to 360-degrees, Atlas displays provide a high immersion, high fidelity experience. Precision autocalibration ensures a consistent lifelike environment for mission critical fast-jet and turbo-prop aircraft training. Recent applications for Atlas Displays include Saab JAS 39 Gripen, Grob G120TP, Beechcraft T-6C, Leonardo M346, and Pilatus PC-6 and PC-7 systems. Atlas displays have been certified for FAA Level 6 flight training devices.



Helicopter Simulator Dome Displays

Lyra™ Helicopter Displays offer a continuous out-the-window view including chin and side window visibility. Optimized for the reduction of parallax, and with a large lower vertical field of view, Lyra was designed specifically for helicopter simulator applications including multi-mission, attack, search & rescue, and transport scenarios. Recent applications for Lyra Displays include Airbus Lakota UH-72A and Bell/Northstar 407 MRH simulators. Lyra displays have been certified for FAA Level 7 flight training devices.



Spacecraft Simulator Displays

3D perception possesses the unique competitive advantage of having experience with designing and delivering many spacecraft simulator displays for both government and private industry applications. 3D perception calls these devices for use within the space domain Phoenix™ Visual Display Systems (VDS).

Phoenix VDSs have been delivered to research and development and astronaut training simulators at NASA’s Johnston and Langley Space Centers, supporting various programs including the International Space Station, Dragon, Cygnus, and Orion spacecraft, as well as prototype vehicles.



Joint Fires Simulator Displays

Gemini™ Joint Fires Displays feature a large area of operation for up to six trainees. Offering an immersive experience with a large, high-resolution field-of-view, the Gemini displays are designed for forward observer/call-for-fire/close air support applications.



Multipurpose Simulator Displays

Orion™ Multipurpose Displays are supplied for typically lower fidelity, or budget-focused applications, yet provide all the quality and precision expected of 3D perception products. These systems are ideal for incident command, driver trainers, maritime and emergency management training. Systems are available with spherical and cylindrical screens.


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