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3D perception possesses the unique competitive advantage of having experience with designing and delivering many spacecraft simulator displays for both government and private industry applications. 3D perception calls these devices for use within the space domain Phoenix™ Visual Display Systems (VDS).

Phoenix VDSs have been delivered to research and development and astronaut training simulators at NASA’s Johnson and Langley Space Centers, supporting various programs including the International Space Station, Dragon, Cygnus, and Orion spacecraft, as well as prototype vehicles.

In the private space sector, 3D perception has delivered Phoenix displays for Scaled Composites and Virgin Galactic’s White Knight One/White Knight Two/SpaceShipOne/SpaceShipTwo, for Stratolaunch Systems, and for SNC’s Dream Chaser.

Phoenix systems are optimized for the unique challenges of projecting outer space scenery within dome visual displays, including optimizing the extreme contrast of black space against celestial bodies and landscapes lacking atmosphere -- all while maintaining flawless blending in projection overlap zones. While each delivered Phoenix system has been specifically tailored to its extraterrestrial application, the 3D perception Northstar™ technology and design and implementation principles are common among them.

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