Auto-aligning Instrumented Screens

About Aurora™

3D perception’s Aurora™ instrumented screens are key to performing automatic image alignment and edge blending in the Northstar display eco-system. The enabling technology in the Aurora screen concept is 3D perception’s WarpSync™ sensor technology.

Automatic image alignment without cameras

During the on-demand auto-alignment sequences, projected alignment patterns are measured by the invisible sensors. The data captured is used by the nControl software to apply geometry correction, edge blending, and lens distortion correction on each channel in the multi-image projection theatre to result in a perfectly and seamlessly aligned, warped, and blended image. Since WarpSync sensors are embedded, they will remain static and out of the way—as compared to camera-based systems that require multiple cameras to be precisely mounted and maintained at deterministic locations. The cameras themselves will sometimes require re-alignment; a service which, in many cases can only be provided by the supplier. With Aurora, the screen is the data capture device, and requires no maintenance.

Key Features

-  Enables fully automatic warping, blending and lens distortion correction

-  Completely self-calibrated, no separate instruments required

-  Calibrates in a matter of seconds

-  Embedded sensors

-  Instant validation of performance via embedded feedback LEDs

-  Modular and expandable

Radius Material HFOV* VFOV**
2.35 meter / 7.7 ft GRP 60° – 360° 40° – 180°
2.80 meter / 9.0 ft GRP 60° – 360° 40° – 180°
3.25 meter / 10.6 ft PUR 60° – 360° 40° – 180°
4.00 meter / 13.0 ft GRP 60° – 360° 40° – 180°
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