Auto-aligning Instrumented Screens

About Aurora™

3D perception's Aurora is a unique, modular, smart screen system. Using embedded WarpSync sensors, Aurora screens can detect the alignment and quality of projector images, communicate back to nBox, and automatically make precision adjustments to projection geometry, edge blending, color, and intensity.

Screen Options

Aurora screens are available for most any size and shape requirements, and custom screens can be made as needed. Screens can be configured at any horizontal and vertical field of view, up to complete dome display systems. Existing systems can be retrofitted with Aurora instrumentation for use with the Northstar ecosystem.

Key Features

-  Enables fully automatic warping, blending and color calibration

-  Completely self-calibrated, no separate instruments required

-  Calibrates in a matter of seconds

-  Embedded sensors

-  Instant validation of performance via embedded feedback LEDs

-  Modular and expandable

Radius Material HFOV* VFOV**
2.35 meter / 7.7 ft GRP 60° – 360° 40° – 180°
2.80 meter / 9.0 ft GRP 60° – 360° 40° – 180°
3.25 meter / 10.6 ft PUR 60° – 360° 40° – 180°
4.00 meter / 13.0 ft GRP 60° – 360° 40° – 180°
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