Certified Projectors

About Certified Projectors

3D perception products are projector-independent. This allows us, our partners, and our customers to retain the benefits of a rapidly advancing feature set available in the professional projector marketplace. Not every commercially available projector should be used in a real-time, long service life, deterministic environment. This is why our company developed the Northstar Simulation Certified program — to indicate to our customers the specific projectors that pass our qualification of fit for use in professional simulation environments when integrated with our company’s Northstar ecosystem.

3D perception

Northstar Simulation Certified Projectors™

Simulator systems have an array of differing projection requirements. Needs may be high resolution, low latency, or extreme contrast; no single projector technology today meets all the requirements, so in most cases the chosen technology is a compromise.

Other factors such as light output, night vision goggle suitability, weight, size, ruggedness and cost are important to consider. 3D perception provides and integrates a variety of professional projectors from several manufacturers. We offer options for one or three-chip DLP and LCoS technologies, UHP and LED illumination, along with a wide range of lenses, modules, mounts, and accessories. We customize projection solutions based on application needs.

Contact our company for assistance in identifying the appropriate projector for your application.


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