Eclipse™ Dynamic Optical Blenders

Day to Night and Everything in Between

About Eclipse™ Dynamic Optical Blenders

In a multi-projection display system, all projectors will have one or more sides overlapping with another projector. In the overlap zones, the image will be doubly bright. 3D perception’s NorthstarTM system automatically applies electronic edge blending via the nBoxTM display processor. During daytime scenarios, the electronic blend is all that is needed to achieve a seamless, uniform image. However, during darker scenarios, the overlap zones cannot be completely electronically erased because all digital projectors output some level of light even with completely black content. The result is a grey stripe in the overlap. The only way to remove the stripe is with optical blending.

The Solution

Eclipse™ Dynamic Optical Blenders remove the visible edges and render the image seamless across the entire display. The blenders optimize the image without sacrificing contrast in favor of black level uniformity.

During transition periods like dusk or dawn, the content becomes even more difficult to optimize, while still completely eliminating the overlap zones. This unique challenge is addressed via hybrid blending — a combination of transitional optical blending AND electronic blending. The servo-controlled optical blenders and electronic blends are gradually applied during transitional periods.

Blenders automatically make adjustments to the scene upon receiving time-of-day signals from the simulator. The Northstar system allows for smooth interpolation between scenarios, enabling a seamless and dynamic transition from day to night without interruption.

Content-Aware Blending

The Northstar system now offers optional Content-Aware Blending, enabling nBox to analyze the visual signals from the simulator’s Image Generator (IG), then adjust the Eclipse Blenders in real time. This feature has the added benefit of providing complete IG data security and discrete display system architecture.

Key Features

-  Eliminates extraneous light in overlap areas

-  Optimizes image for day, dawn, dusk, night and NVG

-  Gradual transitions or immediate change on scenario load


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