Completely Independent Warp, Blend, and Display Management

About nBox™

At the heart of 3D perception’s Northstar ecosystem is nBox, a next-generation, all-in-one display processor that warps, blends and color corrects raw IG content. nBox outputs to multiple projectors at resolutions of up to 4K and seamlessly displays imagery across spherical, cylindrical, conical, and flat screens. Between projectors, nBox calibrates color, contrast, brightness, gamma, and can also compensate for hot spots, creating a truly consistent image. nBox treats the multi-projector theater as one contiguous display — not as an array of individually controlled projectors.

Display Infrastructure and Resolution Options

nBox allows for a projector upgrade path while keeping display infrastructure in place. nBox offers configuration of the DVI-I outputs and DVI-I inputs with different resolution options.

Included Software

nControl software is included, enabling the user to perform all the image adjustments necessary to create a seamless projected display. With the projector control via LAN, nBox provides unique features such as Scenario Management for gradient transition from dusk to dawn, and non-linear automatic color correction with ChromaSync.

Key Features

-  All-in-one image processor for seamless curved screens

-  Up to 6 channels per unit

-  Units can be stacked for any number of display channels

-  Real-time hardware

-  Up to 4K resolution

-  Fully configurable

-  Non-linear image warping and edge blending

-  42 bit color processing (14 bits per channel)

-  Image Scaling

-  Hotspot compensation

-  Black level enhancement

-  Non-linear color correction

-  Advanced built-in test pattern generator

-  Hot swappable cards

-  Redundant power supply option

-  Diagnostic features

-  Intelligent EDID

-  Projector Control through signal cable or LAN

-  Zero frame latency

-  Scenario management

-  Supports frame rates from 24Hz to 120Hz

-  Stereo shutter glass control

Supported Display Outputs and Inputs
Configurable number of outputs and inputs – 6 slots available
Supports 4K projectors
Projector control
Image warping curved screen
Image blending curved screen (multi-sided)
Masking (multi-sided)
Hotspot compensator
Black level enhancement
Internal test pattern generator
Stereo control
WarpSync automatic geometry correction
ChromaSync automatic colour correction
14 bit color processing (14 bits per channel)
Signal Analysis Module
Multiple resolution support
Up to HD – 1920 x 1080 (dual input and output boards)
Up to WUXGA – 1920 x 1200 (single input and output boards)
Up to WQXGA – 2560 x 1600 (single input and output boards)
DVI – I single link inputs
Supports: VGA* – Progressive only
Supports: HDMI* – Progressive only. HDCP not supported
Supports: RGB Video* – RGBHV progressive only, 5-wire
Supports: RGB Video* – RGBS, 4-wire (composite sync)
Supports: RGB Video* – RGsB, 3-wire (sync on green)
Supports frame rates from 24 – 120Hz
DVI dual link inputs for resolutions QXGA and above
Analog to digital conversion
Sync conversion – Composite sync, sync on green
Frame rate conversion
DVI – I single link outputs
Supports: VGA*
Supports: HDMI*
Supports: RGB Video*
Supports frame rates 24 – 120Hz
DVI-D dual link output for resolutions QXGA and above
Weight: 13.5 kg / 29.7 lbs fully configured
Dimensions: 19” 2U form factor, 44 cm x 9 cm x 44 cm
Power Consumption: 250W
Embedded PC 64 bit processor Power PCTM
Real-time embedded operating system
Configurable I/O
Stackable for large system installations
Optical DVI extender output power
Redundant power supply option
Redundant fans
Hot swap – I/O boards
Power supply modules
6 Independent slots for input and output boards
High-speed LAN 10/100/1000 MBits/Sec
Stereo shutter glasses control
RS232 Port for external system control
Automatic calibration interface port
100-240 Volt, 50-60 Hz power socket #1
100-240 Volt, 50-60 Hz power socket #2
Additional diagnostic LAN port
3rd-party system controller interface – On LAN or RS232 I/O ports
Intelligent EDID

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