WarpSync Direct™

Automatic Warp & Blend Interface to Projector

About WarpSync Direct™

3D perception’s WarpSync Direct™ is a product within the Northstar™ simulation display solution that enables automatic multichannel projection image alignment, warping, and edge blending. Taking advantage of the built-in image processing functionality within supported projector models, WarpSync Direct provides for a completely Image Generator independent display system.

Via the nControl™ user interface, WarpSync Direct empowers all Northstar’s features for image automatic alignment, fine-tuning, scenario management, and test pattern generation without the need for separate image processing hardware or IG-resident warp and blend software.

To enable on-demand image auto-alignment, SyncNode™ units are triggered from nControl to project alignment patterns. These patterns interact with WarpSync sensor-instrumented Aurora™ screens, or the StarScan™ laser alignment scanner, and in seconds, a completely seamless image is produced. SyncNode is powered over LAN and connects to the HDMI port of the projector which is triggered to switch to that source during this sequence. Projector color and brightness can be automatically or manually calibrated via the optional ChromaSync Direct™ as supported by projector selection.

Key Features

-  Non-linear image distortion correction

-  Multi-sided electronic edge blending

-  Auto alignment via Aurora™ or StarScan™

-  Auto color/brightness calibration via ChromaSync Direct™

-  Integrates with Eclipse™ dynamic optical blending system

-  Hotspot compensation and black level enhancement

-  Advanced image scaling

-  Advanced test pattern generation

-  Precision real-time manual adjustments

-  Supports Barco Pulse and Norxe Unify projector platforms


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