3D perception Opens UK Sales & Support Office, Hires Andy Cave

England, United Kingdom, 2 November 2020 – 3D perception AS today announces the opening of their UK sales and support office and the hiring of Andy Cave as Business Development Director UK.

Mr. Cave is responsible for business development, sales and technical support for the UK market. He has been in the simulation industry for a decade and possesses a depth of experience with both commercial and military simulators. He has held positions in the industry ranging from simulator technician, simulator engineer, integration technician, project manager, sales support engineer and visual lead, heading on-site teams and running worldwide programs. He has qualifications in project management, test and commissioning and business development. Mr. Cave originally studied aeronautical engineering and gained his qualification in 2010. 

3D perception Founder and CEO Knut Krogstad said, “The hiring of Mr. Cave and the opening of our UK branch signifies 3D perception’s commitment to serving our current local UK user-base, as well as marks our intention to broaden and strengthen our presence in this important market.” 

Mr. Cave can be reached at andy.c@3d-perception.com



3D perception designs and supplies turn-key seamless visual display systems and technologies for simulation applications. 3D perception’s Northstar™ ecosystem of multi-projector display technologies empowers our customers and their programs with precision automatic image alignment, automatic color calibration, and the ease of push-button operation and maintenance.

Serving civilian and defense customers around the world since 1997, 3D perception has a proven track record of ensuring performance and quality from design to installation and throughout the life cycle. With main offices in the United States and in Norway, 3D perception works with major defense and high-tech prime contractors as well as with aerospace industry customers and users around the world. 3D perception is known as the industry leader and a trusted partner, dedicated to performance and quality, from design to installation and throughout the life cycle. 

For more information, visit www.3d-perception.com


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