Obsolete Projectors? Upgrade Your Motion or Fixed-Based Simulator Visual System Efficiently and Cost-Effectively

pilot flying an aircraft Flight simulator visual systems face critical challenges related to aging and obsolete projectors. In this blog post, we explore these challenges and propose a game-changing solution that promises reliability, fidelity, and operational excellence.

The Challenge: Aging and Obsolete Projectors
Many training facilities still rely on legacy lamp-based projectors fitted to Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs). While these projectors have faithfully served the industry over many years, their use is creating several critical challenges:

  1. Legislation: Starting from January 1, 2026, projectors with replaceable Ultra High-Performance (UHP) bulbs will no longer be allowed to be sold or imported to the EU. This effort aims to combat climate change and reduce the use of mercury-containing products. (Source: What Hi-Fi? – New EU regulations mark the end of lamp-based projectors)
  2. End-of-Service Dilemma: Lamp-based projectors are gradually becoming unsupportable. However, legacy equipment must continue to meet modern standards and authority requirements. The clock is ticking for these aging devices.
  3. Performance Limitations: Lamp-based projectors struggle with brightness, color accuracy, and uniformity. As technology advances, these limitations become more pronounced, degrading the quality of training in these simulators.
  4. Maintenance Hassles: Regular lamp replacements, alignment adjustments, and cooling system maintenance, all consume valuable time and resources. The cost of upkeep adds up significantly.
  5. System Downtime: When a projector fails, it disrupts training schedules, impacting operational efficiency and pilot readiness.

Addressing the Challenges
At 3D perception (3DP), we specialize in visual display system upgrades for all flight simulator types. Our comprehensive upgrade options cater for all FSTDs, including Level D, ensuring that no device lags the current technological evolution. Here’s how we can help you:

  1. Extend System Life: Update aging and obsolete lamp-based projection to solid-state technology. Transitioning to the latest generation projectors adds years of service life to existing simulator’s visual display system. Our upgrades include optical blending, image alignment, and warp-and-blend enhancements, resulting in stunningly improved images without needing to touch the visual optics or make any upgrades to the existing image generator (IG).
  2. Minimize Downtime: Simplify maintenance and increase reliability. Smooth operations are non-negotiable, and our commitment ensures just that.
  3. Increase Fidelity: Upgrade resolution and refresh rate for more immersive, authentic training for pilots.
  4. IG and Projector Agnostic: Our solutions are compatible with all IGs and projectors, providing risk reduction and flexibility for our customers.
  5. Rapid Global Support: We offer fast, worldwide support within days, unlike our competitors who may take up to several weeks to respond to issues. Our support team includes OEM partners like Barco and Norxe, ensuring expert assistance.

Our Commitment to Excellence
At 3DP, we don’t settle for mediocrity. From initial design to installation and ongoing support, we’re dedicated to enhancing your visual display systems. Our track record of successful system upgrades speaks volumes about our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Visual Display Systems: Beyond Compliance
Visual display systems aren’t just about regulatory compliance; they shape the training experience. We recognize their critical role in maintaining pilot readiness and in avoiding the dreaded “Aircraft on Ground” (AOG) scenario, where a simulator is deemed unfit for use due to visual system issues. With every upgrade, we empower aircrews to learn, adapt, and excel, while ensuring your simulators pass the mandatory Qualification Test Guide (QTG) checks.

Upgrade wisely. Upgrade with 3D perception.

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