3D perception Response Efforts to COVID-19

3D perception (3DP) is monitoring the international situation arising from the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We hold the welfare of people first and foremost and recognize there are potential business impacts. Of course, we want to do our best to minimize business disruption and continue to move ongoing programs forward. It is also very important to 3DP to contribute to the worldwide community effort in containing and the spread of the virus. Early identification of risks and open communication are the strongest defense to avoid disruption. 3D perception is taking the following measures: 
We are evaluating 3DP employee travel and restricting this to business-critical only. Meetings will be held electronically when possible.  

Visitors to 3DP facilities in both the United States and Norway will need to complete a COVID-19 prescreening form prior to visit. Please coordinate with your 3DP POC for this process. Visitors originating from or traveling through at-risk countries will require 3DP senior level leadership approval. 
In addition to visitor and travel management, note that we regularly sanitize working and common spaces in our offices, and regularly share exposure-prevention protocols to reinforce healthy behaviors. 
Individual 3DP Program Managers will be contacting customers with active or upcoming programs to align on affected/updated scheduling and mitigation strategies to address the needs of your programs in an optimal and safe manner. We will do our best to be flexible to find alternative solutions, including remote support sessions in lieu of on-site visits when applicable. We also ask our customers to inform 3DP of any preventative measures taken on sites we are scheduled to visit. 

If you become aware of potential adverse impacts to the performance of contracts for 3DP, including potential delays in deliveries, transportation, availability of materials or other impacts, please advise your 3DP POC as quickly as possible. Include in that communication all available facts including efforts planned to mitigate any potential impact. 

Nothing in this message is intended to alter the terms and conditions of any contract you hold with 3D perception, nor serve as the basis for any claim, adjustment to price or schedule or other legal action.  
COVID-19 presents a dynamic business situation for us all. Please stay in communication with your 3DP POC. 
Thank you for your time and attention to the matter.

Knut Krogstad, CEO
3D perception

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