End-of-Life, End-of-Sale: CompactView X41/42

END-OF-LIFE, END-OF-SALE ANNOUNCEMENT: CompactView X41 and CompactViewX42 Projector Platforms Effective Date: Immediately Applicable Models: CompactView SX+41/42, CompactView HD41/42, CompactView WUX41/42 3D perception (3DP) is announcing the End of Life/End-of-Sale for the CompactView X41/42 projector models, effective immediately. Customers can rest assured that 3DP will continue to support and repair these models through their warranty period and out-of-warranty support will extend through the year 2020, at which time an End of Service Life (EOSL) notification will be published. There are two projector platform options available as replacements for these discontinued projectors. Please contact your 3DP sales representative for replacement analysis and further guidance.

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