3D Perception delivers two Mini-Dome Visual Display Systems to US Air Force Test Pilot Training School

ORLANDO, FL, April 29 – 3D perception, Inc. (“3DP”) today announced delivery of two of 3DP’s Northstar™ immersive visual display systems for the US Air Force Test Pilot Training School (USAF TPS) at Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California’s Mojave Desert. In late March, 3DP delivered and installed the two Draco™ Northstar mini-dome systems. These high-resolution devices feature a 1.05 m / 3.4 ft radius spherical screen and a seamless 160° vertical and 60° horizontal field of view, and feature a dedicated heads-up display or “HUD.” Draco domes are 3DP’s small footprint automatically aligning VDS concept, ideal for fast-jet applications, which can be installed in standard office spaces. “We use these simulators to reinforce concepts taught in the classroom before our students go fly their flight test instructional events,” said Dr. Christopher Cotting, PhD Master Instructor of Flying Qualities at the USAF TPS. “Proper immersion in a simulation environment is key, especially for Handling Qualities education and testing. We also use these simulators to provide synthetic vision for a ground station to fly our remotely piloted aircraft. 3D perception’s Northstar visual display system provides the immersion we require to meet our educational learning objectives and our operational requirements for remotely piloted aircraft.” USAF Test Pilot School The mission of the USAF Test Pilot School is to produce highly adaptive, critical-thinking flight test professionals to lead and conduct full-spectrum test and evaluation of aerospace weapon systems. Performing this mission allows the school to fulfill the vision of being the world’s premiere educational and training center of excellence for theoretical and applied flight test engineering. 3DP’s Northstar Simulation Display System 3D perception’s advanced Northstar™ visual display solution combines an advanced rack-mount multi-projector display processor, nBox™, with 3DP Certified Projectors™ and image auto-alignment technologies in the form of Aurora™ sensor-instrumented smart screens, or StarScan™, a screen-independent, precision 3D scanner and imager. Northstar is Image Generator (IG) independent and requires no software on or modification to the users IG. 3D perception is showcasing their Northstar solution in Prague, Czech Republic, from April 28th – 30th at ITEC, Europe’s largest yearly simulation industry conference. For more info on ITEC, visit www.itec.co.uk. ABOUT 3D PERCEPTION 3D perception supplies turnkey seamless visual display systems and technologies for defense and civilian simulation applications. Having fielded nearly 9,000 visual channels around the world, 3D perception is known as the industry leader and a trusted partner, dedicated to performance and quality, from design to installation and throughout the life cycle.  For more information, visit www.3d-perception.com. 3D PERCEPTION CONTACT: Adam McCard Business Development Manager +1 407 536 6772 adam.m@3d-perception.com


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